Skin Care

Skincare is the combination of different products they could be natural or processed 

products you can do your skincare before or after make up . It helps your skin to stay healthier and younger . It can be an everyday routine or just one or two day routine .

For the morning this is the correct order for your skincare:

Oil-based cleaner 

Water-based cleaner 






Eye countour   

The skincare It’s not only for women also men’s also can have their own routine 

same thing you can do to have a good routine for your face is to put on face mask 

then we will show you some face masks:

Avocado with honey 


Yoghurt and oatmeal 


Oatmeal and lemon 

You can also make hair masks 

Like : 

Egg and mayonnaise 

Aloe Vera mask 

Strawberry mask

Milk and honey mask 

Honey mask

Vinegar and mint mask 

Banana and avocado mask